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Q. Must I take a placement test?

A. You may qualify for the course you want without taking a placement test. We first look at your high school grades and ACT test scores. If you do not place in your chosen course, you may take a placement test if you wish to do that. If you pass the placement test, you will then be allowed to enroll.

Q. Courses such as MATH 105, MATH 112, and MATH 206 have no prerequisite. Why are we required to take three years of high school mathematics if our major requires only one of these courses?

A. The vast majority of students entering WWU entered with at least three years of high school mathematics. After studying data from five years of classes, we discovered that the majority of students in our most elementary courses do need three years of high school mathematics. Check out the statistics for yourself!

Q. Why am I being forced to take a developmental mathematics course such as MDEV 001, MDEV 002, or MDEV 003?

A.Students must take one or more of these courses to make up entrance deficiencies, but some students will take MDEV 003 to review in perparation for a higher-level mathematics course; even though they have had three years of high school mathematics. In either case, it is our best judgment that you need a refresher course before going on. It is extremely important to get a firm foundation in mathematics, and these courses can help you do that. Taking extra courses is much preferable to starting a more advanced course and not successfully finishing it.

Q. Do students who start in MDEV 001, MDEV 002, or MDEV 003 ever succeed in majors that require a lot of mathematics?

A. Yes, students have started with these courses and then successfully finished an engineering degree.

Q. Do I get credit for taking MDEV 001, MDEV 002, and MDEV 003?

A. You get 4 credits for taking each developmental math course. While these credits count toward the minimum load required for financial aid and immigration, they do not apply toward the 192 credits required for graduation.

Q. Will I get a grade for MDEV 001, MDEV 002, and MDEV 003?

A. You will get a letter grade for each of these courses, and it will be recorded on your transcript. However, the grade will not be included in your overall GPA.

Q. I took algebra I in the eighth grade, and then I took algebra II and geometry in high school. Have I met the entrance requirement?

A.Yes. But if you accelerated you should keep taking mathematics courses in high school to keep your mathematics skills sharp for college.