Mathematics Department Programs of Study

Students select a mathematics major because they enjoy studying logical systems and solving interesting problems. Recent graduates from the Walla Walla University mathematics program have gone into a wide variety of graduate programs and occupations including teaching, medicine, law, engineering, and more.

Those wishing to major in mathematics must choose one of the two degrees listed below.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics
    Students who select a B.A. degree in mathematics are looking for a more general degree that includes a foreign language and a minor. To make time for this, fewer mathematics and science courses are required.

    See our Bachelor of Arts Academic Advisement Guide.

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
    Students who select a B.S. degree in mathematics wish to focus more on mathematics and science and must choose one of four specialization options:

    • Preparation for Graduate Study
    • Preparation for Secondary Teaching
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Actuarial Studies

    See our Bachelor of Science Academic Advisement Guide.

More information about our degrees can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.