What I Really Learned in Class

Carlton Cross

Don Schafer

It has been some 30 years since I sat in advanced and abstract mathematics classes with Tom Thompson and Ken Wiggins. Calculus, Advanced Calculus, and Modern Algebra were awesome classes, but the course my career has taken has given me few opportunities to use and apply the specific theorems and ideas explored in these classes. However, the life lessons learned have an abiding and continuing day-to-day influence in my life.

After graduating from WWC in 1984 with a BS in Math, Don studied languages and linguistics at University of Washington receiving an MA in Linguistics in 1990. Don has taught math and languages at Walla Walla Valley Academy for a long time.

He lives in College Place with his wife Sharon Hintz and three children Hannah, Samuel, and Lillyanne with whom he likes to play and read books. In his free time he hikes, identifies wild flowers, and enjoys meeting people from other cultures.