Ross Magi

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Walla Walla University

Contact Information

Office: Kretschmar Hall 337
Phone: 509.527.2350

About Me

I am an assistant professor of Mathematics at Walla Walla University. I did my graduate work at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, and received a PhD in mathematics in 2014. My dissertation is titled "Dynamic Behaviors of Biological Membranes." Basically, I developed a model describing a membrane as a two phase fluid on a deformable two dimensional surface.

I am an applied mathematician by training, and I love using math as a tool to understand things in the other sciences, especially biology. Even more than that, I love teaching students how to use mathematics in useful and interesting ways. I feel very fortunate to be at Walla Walla University, an institution that places very high emphasis on the quality of instruction.

Curriculum Vitae

Current CV


I have taught the following courses at WWU:

Fall 2014
MATH181A: Calculus I
MATH181B: Calculus I
MATH282: Calculus III
Winter 2015
MATH121A: Precalculus I
MATH282: Calculus III
MATH341: Numerical Analysis
Spring 2015
MATH121: Precalculus I
MATH283: Calculus IV
MATH413: Partial Differential Equations