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The mathematics placement process is used to put students in college mathematics courses where they will be comfortable and have a good chance of succeeding. To make this a bit clearer consider the six example sequences given in the following table:

Major Course Sequence
Art MDEV 001, MDEV 002, MDEV 003, MATH 105
Business MDEV 001, MDEV 002, MDEV 003, MATH 121, MATH 123
Elementary Education MDEV 001, MDEV 002, MDEV 003, MATH 112, MATH 113
Science MDEV 001, MDEV 002, MDEV 003, MATH 121, MATH 122, MATH 181
Engineering MDEV 001, MDEV 002, MDEV 003, MATH 117, MATH 181
Nursing MDEV 001, MDEV 002, MDEV 003, MATH 206

Most students in the above majors will start somewhere in the sequences given, and the placement process determines exactly where. The placement process uses high school grades, ACT test scores, and possibly a placement test score to make this determination. Here is how it works:

  1. First of all, students need to have completed the college mathematics entrance requirement of two semesters each of algebra I, geometry, and algebra II. Students who haven't had all of these courses may take the appropriate developmental math course(s): MDEV 001, MDEV 002, or MDEV 003, to make up this deficiency. Alternatively, students may remove an entrance deficiency by passing the Basic Algebra/Geometry Placement Test. Students who meet the entrance requirement automatically qualify for MATH 105, MATH 112, or MATH 206, without first taking any developmental math courses. To see why the entrance requirement is necessary for these courses, please click here.

  2. The entrance requirements alone do not qualify students to register for MATH 117, MATH 121, MATH 123, or MATH 181. Students are allowed to enroll in these courses in under either one of the two conditions.

    1. Students with high enough grades in the appropriate courses (high school algebra II for MATH 117 or MATH 121, and high school precalculus for MATH 123 or MATH 181) or high enough scores on ACT tests may enroll in these courses. To determine what is "high enough," a multiple linear regression formula is used to predict course grades, and students with predicted grades of at least a C are let into the course.

    2. Students with lower grades might want to try one of our placement tests. Students who pass the Basic Algebra/Geometry Placement Test are allowed to enroll in MATH 117 or MATH 121, and students who pass the Calculus Readiness Test are allowed to enroll in MATH 123 or MATH 181.