Washingon State Teacher Certification: Mathematics (5-12)

Standard 8: Calculus

Candidates demonstrate a conceptual understanding of and procedural facility with calculus concepts.

Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of limit, continuity, differentiation, and integration and have a thorough background in the techniques and application of the calculus
Apply concepts of function, geometry, and trigonometry in solving problems involving calculus
Use the concepts of calculus and mathematical modeling to represent and solve problems taken from real world contexts

The B.S. degree in Mathematics, with a concentration in Secondary Education, covers these standards in the courses indicated in the table below. Entries represent the level of competency expected in each course with 1 being low, 2 medium, and 3 high.

8.A 8.B 8.C
Precalculus Mathematics I (MATH 121)
Precalculus Mathematics II (MATH 122)
Calculus for the Life Sciences I (MATH 131), or
1Calculus I (MATH 181)
2 2 3
Data Analysis (MATH 215)
Discrete Mathematics (MATH 250)
Calculus II (MATH 281) 2 2 3
Calculus III (MATH 282) 2 2 3
Calculus IV (MATH 283) 2 2 3
Introduction to Linear Algebra (MATH 289)
Ordinary Differential Equations (MATH 312) 2 2 3
Probability and Statistics (MATH 315) 2 2 3
Survey of Geometries in their Historical Contexts (MATH 321)
Junior Mathematics Seminar I (MATH 396)
Junior Mathematics Seminar II (MATH 397)
Real Analysis I (MATH 451) 3 3
Abstract Algebra I (MATH 461)
Senior Mathematics Seminar I (MATH 496)
Senior Mathematics Seminar II (MATH 497)
While not required for the major, these classes are prerequisites for MATH 181
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