Washington State Teacher Certification: Middle Level Math (4-9)

Standard 8: Mathematics Instructional Methodology

Candidates possess a deep understanding of how students learn mathematics and of the pedagogical knowledge specific to mathematics teaching and learning.

Select, use, and determine suitability of the available mathematics curricula, teaching materials, and other resources including manipulatives for the learning of mathematics for all students
Demonstrate ability to present mathematical concepts using multiple representations (e.g., numerical, graphical, analytical, and contextual)
Demonstrate the ability to guide student discourse in mathematical problem solving, argumentation (creation and critiquing), literacy, and in-depth conceptual understanding
Demonstrate knowledge of learning progressions, including conceptual and procedural milestones and common misconceptions, within each content domain and connections to instruction
Demonstrate knowledge of major, supporting, and additional clusters for each grade level
Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of mathematical rigor including conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application
Demonstrate an understanding of coherent connections within clusters at a grade level and the progression from grade level to grade level that builds on previous learning
Engage in developmentally and culturally responsive teaching of mathematics that minimizes power and status issues, nurtures a positive mathematics disposition, and utilizes students' cultural funds of knowledge and experiences as resources for lessons

The minor in Mathematics for Middle School Teachers covers these standards in the courses indicated by the table below. Entries represent the level of competency expected in each course with 1 being low, 2 medium, and 3 high.

8.A 8.B 8.C 8.D 8.D.1 8.D.2 8.D.3 8.E
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I (MATH 112) 2
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II (MATH 113) 2 1
Precalculus Mathematics I (MATH 121)
Precalculus Mathematics II (MATH 122)
Calculus for the Life Sciences I (MATH 131), or
Calculus I (MATH 181)
Data Analysis (MATH 215) 2
Discrete Mathematics (MATH 250) 2
Calculus II (MATH 281) 1
Calculus III (MATH 282) 1
Introduction to Linear Algebra (MATH 289) 1
Survey of Geometries (MATH 321) 2 1
While not required for the minor, these classes are prerequisites for MATH 181
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